I hope you feel magnificent!

Could your breathing function improve?

Seriously. It may dramatically improve your life.

Every day your entire mind-body-spirit is powerfully impacted by the functionality of your heart and lungs.

Enjoy a full deep breath right now.

Sit or stand up tall, lengthen your spine, relax your facial muscles and allow yourself to inflate through your nostrils like a balloon. Find a little more room by your ribs and breathe in some more goodness.

Now, breathe it all out and let any tension go.

Tension in your mind, your musculature, in your being – let it go.


That took about 10-15 seconds. Imagine if you practiced quality breathing for 2-3 minutes a few times each day to enhance your mind-body wellbeing and your performance in life.

Could you find 2-3 minutes to work on your breathing mechanics?

Most of us can.

Here’s why it’s important – The pace of modern life tends to leave us feeling overwhelmed and our breathing ends up short and rushed, which creates moretension in the body.The very mechanism designed to provide life and help us remain calm, can in fact trigger more internal stress and lead to lower energy levels.

The more you find time to focus on your breathing, the more your natural breathing rhythm will return. This is one of the easiest and cost effective ways to improve your energy, your moods and your life.

I encourage you to take regular pit stops this week and enjoy working on relaxation with breath of life.

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You stay strong and think well.