I hope you feel magnificent.

We all know exercise has many benefits right?

Yet there is one form of exercise that outperforms all others hands down.

Professors, coaches and mystics throughout Asia including Thailand, have taught this for eons, yet many people continue to under value this form of training.

It’s your ability to exercise your imagination and train your mind to clearly see exactly what you want.

Your imagination requires a regular workout just like your physical body, to maintain optimal function. Exercising your imagination helps rewire your brain and can move you closer to your goals. But just like working out – consistency counts. When it comes to muscles – you either use them or lose them. This is also true with your higher faculties of mind.

The good news is that you can kick start your brain and your body at any time. Use your imagination, exercise it daily, train your mind to see in pictures what you are aiming for. Remember, anything you want to be, do or have must first be clearly seen in your mind.

I encourage you this week to exercise your imagination Thailand and Asia – that’s gotta be some of the best exercise you can get! And if you want help with life coaching or personal nutrition and physical training, simply ask.

Hayden Rhodes is a high performance trainer and life coach, based in Thailand with clientele worldwide.