Option 1 – Hayden Visits You 

If you want private coaching anywhere around the world Hayden will visit you at the location of your choice. Some clients want long weekends away while others require month-long periods. Business executives take him on work trips to help optimize their travel time, reduce stress and improve mind-body wellness on the road.

Celebrities ask him to be on location or to travel with them as a mind-body performance coach and fitness partner. Athletes have him tour with them for confidence and mental preparation for competition.

Hayden is based in Phuket, Thailand, right in the middle of the Asia Pacific region, so traveling world wide is easy.

Hayden can travel to your location. Contact us for availablity and bookings.  

Option 2 – Visit Hayden in Thailand

Hayden meets guests at their private villa or hotel of their choice and delivers personal mind-body coaching, fitness training and swim or surf lessons. Small groups, families or individual sessions are available. Your needs are tailored for specifically, so let us know what you want while visiting the kingdom of Thailand. Hayden is based in Phuket, frequently visits Khao Lak and can travel further afar if you wish. 

Option 3 – Meet Hayden in Japan

Hayden regularly travels to Japan where he will provide you with a unique adventure and coaching experience. He hosts private health and wealth coaching holidays and recommends staying at the Manza Onsen Hotel at any time of year. He can travel with you from Tokyo or meet you at Manza. For snow enthusiasts looking for adventure and mind-body coaching, Manza or Hokkaido can be arranged. 

Remember – Professionals use coaches to improve their life game – having a coach means a 50% higher chance of reaching your goals. If you want to improve your life while exploring Asia, contact us today.