We’ve all experienced it.

Learning how to eliminate anxiety will make your life much more enjoyable.

The first thing to understand is that although we feel anxiety in our physical bodies, the root cause stems from an undisciplined mind.

An untamed mind tricks you into believing doubts or worries looping around upstairs. This automatically leads to fear on a subconscious level and physical anxiety follows.

Through the understanding of human nature and study of self, you will come to view worry and doubt as psychic triggers. They set in motion ‘stinking thinking’ that intensifies like a rolling snowball, and must set up the only corresponding emotion they can, (fear) unless the host (you) takes control of your mind.

The second thing to understand is that subconscious fear is bottled up inside. Worry compounds! If nervous tension is left unchecked it can lead to degenerative states, a lack of enthusiasm and often depression.

You don’t choose to feel anxious; and yet you do. At some point in your life you must realize that you have absolute conscious control of what you allow into your mind-body. When you really understand the nature of your mind, you will do everything in your power to eliminate subconscious fear from derailing your day. 

This is why self study and personal growth is so powerful if you want a better life.

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Your Mind – Your Body – Your Life

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