Change Your Brain Improve Your Life: 1 – 5 Sessions

Stop the struggle and live with more vitality and wealth.

We all know that struggle is a part of personal and professional growth. I believe every person deserves professional coaching, so they know how to get through those challenges and live happier, healthier and wealthier lives.

If you feel that life is urging you to become more and improve, you are here for a reason. My role is to guide you toward what you really want. I am here to help you understand yourself so that you move away from unwanted results and toward new actions that will create positive progress in your health and or wealth.

I have spent the last three decades studying human potential, development and function. I have worked alongside professional athletes, celebrities, rock-stars, CEO’s and busy mothers. I have immersed myself into what makes human beings tick; the mental, emotional, dynamic, nutritional and spiritual elements of life.

If you’re ready to find out if I am a fit for you, book a free consultation and let’s discuss how I can help you.

Remove Low Energy – Boost Your Immunity: 30 Days

Upgrade Your Food, Immunity and Energy

Our foods today look so good don’t they? However, the majority of foods you’re offered to buy or eat are loaded with artificial chemicals. This unfortunately means your foods are highly toxic on the inside. This is worse than you think because most people don’t know which combination of foods will serve their physiology, let alone read and understand tricky food labels. This means your mind and body is consistently exposed to elements that lower your immune function.

The good news is that you are in control of an incredible body and when you know with absolute certainty how to eat right for your unique biochemistry and lifestyle – you will improve your immune function.

This means having more vitality to work while also enjoying more BBQ’s and social occasions with your friends. Here’s why this is important – food and lifestyle is your best medicine. If you want to improve your looks, energy and immunity – start now.

Personalized nutrition and lifestyle coaching.

Your World Your Life

Stop The Struggle: 180 Days to Transform Your Reality

Do You Want More Out of Life?

Most professionals struggle with personal and professional challenges. Many of them juggle life on their own and end up lost in an endless cycle of frustration. Professionals should not feel like they are flying blind. Hayden Rhodes Coaching gives you the tools to understand the psychology of success so that you thrive in your personal and professional life. This means increased self worth and bigger profits. Here’s why that’s important – you will come from a place of strength, not uncertainty.

Do you have a health or wealth lifestyle goal but find it hard to achieve? Perhaps you’ve tried to make changes but results were slow or the changes didn’t last. If you’re frustrated and feel something is not quite right in life, I’m here to help you. If you’re serious about upgrading your business or body, click the blue button below and schedule a complimentary coaching consultation now.

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The problem we face is that most of us approach goals in entirely the wrong way. If you want serious results in your life, you need to ignite the change where your results are created in the first place. You need to work on your mindset. You can try to do this on your own or you can do what top performers in any field will do; bring in an expert coach or advisor.

The trouble with doing it by yourself is that you don’t know what you don’t know. Tell me what you want and I will teach you specific tools to make it your reality, using a scientific proven system. You’re reading this because you want permanent positive change. Let’s talk. Schedule a consultation now.

Workshops, Retreats and Key Note Speaking

Businesses, Universities, Schools, Hotels, Wellness Clinics and Performance Retreats, etc. invite Hayden to work with them to raise productivity, performance and results. If you are looking for inspirational workshops or a key note speaker to help your organization raise their game, please contact us. From hour long talks through to corporate weekend retreats we can help.

Seminars and workshops can be tailored to your specific requirements or you can select from the topics below.

Workshop & Performance Topics Include

  • Better Mindsets Better Sales – Behavioral Change Secrets for Growth and Productivity.
  • Address The Stress – Secrets to Sustained Performance for Brian, Body and Business.
  • Maximizing Human Potential – Helping Staff Understand Personalized Wellness.
  • Our Conditioned Mind – Building new Beliefs for Enhanced Wealth and Health.
  • Cultivating Winning Attitudes – How to Improve it for Good.

In order to raise performance in any area, a new level of awareness is required. You can try to do this on your own or you can do what top performers in any field will do; bring in an expert coach or advisor. The trouble with doing it by yourself is that you don’t know what you don’t know. If you want increased performance (sales / team work / hitting targets /) contact us and discuss how we can help your organization.

Five Tips to Successfully Aging with Physical Power

Are you strong?

With each passing year most people exercise lighter, move slower and lose power.

Avoid being one of the masses. 

Here’s how.

Five tips that scientists validate for aging gracefully and maintaining your strength and power.

1. Train Slow Be Slow.
Your brain and body constantly monitors and adapts to everything you do. If you put the breaks on physical outputs, inner breakdown speeds up. Always remember this: ‘Train slow. Be slow.’ Keep your brain and body sharp with a weekly game plan inclusive of speed work. Do fast internals in the pool, on a bike or out hiking. Walk up escalators quickly. Walk, jog, run, sprint. You either use it or lose it. Train yourself to stay fast.

2. Stand Up Strong
You live in a physical 3D world in an incredible body designed to withstand and apply forces in a multidimensional manner. Sitting or lying down to lift weights is slowing you down. Not only that, these exercises were developed by people who value ‘mirror muscles’ (aesthetics)  not real life work, sport, play function. Stay strong standing up. Learn to train your brain and your body to be strong on your feet. Inside, outside, it doesn’t matter. Just remember to challenge your entire system from the ground up. Push, pull, twist, lunge, rotate, squat while applying force!

3. Avoid Being Comfortable
Your mind is forever talking to you and some of you will want to ‘take it a little easier’ with each birthday. Rest and recovery are important but if, ‘take it a little easier’ becomes your playbook on strength days you may fortify mental weaknesses. One of the best ways to stay mentally strong is to challenge yourself to stay strong physically. Many people start exercising light; this is a mistake, your entire system will down regulate. Your brain-body system will only continually adapt with neural challenges; continue to get uncomfortable lift heavy!

4. Get Outside
Enjoy taking it a little easier on your rest and recovery days by visiting outdoor environments that lift you soul and make you feel alive. Recovery is a vital part of your natural strength cycle, so don’t over do the ‘staying uncomfortable’ part of the equation.  Ha ha.

5. Deal with The Emotional Stress
The number one stress world-wide is mental and emotional. Deal with what needs to be addressed, otherwise emotional tension will transfer into your body, joints and organs. Get help if you need it and have a great support team who inspire you to do what needs to be done!

If you want help improving your mental, emotional, physical or spiritual well-being contact me now.

Your Mind – Your Body – Your Life

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Stay Strong & Think Well

The Secrets of Your Mind that Always Get You More Happiness

Most people think they think.

BUT… Just because your mind is working – that doesn’t mean you’re thinking.

This is very important to understand if you want better results in life, because most of your thoughts are habitual. They run on autopilot. And many of your thoughts keep you stuck where you are.

This week… The Law of Thinking.

This law states that thinking is a powerful force. It also states that thoughts expand. This is clearly demonstrated in our natural world. Mother nature does not differentiate what is planted in her soil, she just goes about her business and nourishes the seed. The seed will expand into beautiful flowers or toxic weeds.

Your mind is exactly like the soil – it will expand whatever is planted. What seeds were sown in your little life? How do you talk to yourself today?

I can’t do XYZ…

I don’t have the time…

I’m not good enough…

I haven’t got the money… etc.

These ideas are weeds in your mind. Remember, your mind is part of this natural world and like the fertile soil, it will take whatever you plant and expand it.

Only one more glass, it’ll be ok….

I’ll sleep in… who cares…

I can’t be bothered…

I’m depressed…

Think about this. Really think. Most of your thoughts are habitual. They are automatic. They lead to your habitual behaviours. Like brushing your teeth, tying your laces, drinking coffee. You don’t consciously think about getting them done, they are built into your subconscious programming. Other subconscious programs might be, not enjoying exercise, buying cheap food or always worried about money. Your subconscious program is very powerful. This is why most people don’t get the results they want in life, their auto-program is planted… getting stronger… growing in the wrong direction.

The law of life wants you to be happy, healthy and wealthy, to enjoy more out of life, but this is near impossible if your subconscious programming is not upgraded. If your current program continues to feed you limiting beliefs and the same thoughts, life is not going to improve. You’re watering current seeds deeper into your mind and remain stuck as you are.

You must learn how to habitually plant better ideas into your subconscious mind. The part of you that dictates your behaviour and better results in your life. By Law.  Why don’t people upgrade their thoughts? They don’t know how.

If you’re ready to learn how and make 2022 the best year of your life contact me today.
Your Mind – Your Body – Your Life!

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You Stay Strong & Think Well

Hayden Rhodes

Hayden Rhodes is a high performance lifestyle coach based in Thailand with clientele worldwide.

This one LAW can change your life for the better. But only if you understand it.

Your world is governed by universal laws.

One of those laws became famous from,`The Secret’

In that movie, the law of attraction was highlighted and Bob Proctor pointed out that the real secret is actually the law of vibration.

He taught that everything exists in a state of vibration, including your mind-body. He said you live in an ocean of motion governed by many universal principles. He taught that if you want better outcomes in your life you must understand many laws and one that’s very powerful and often misunderstood is the law of vibration.

So let’s take a closer look.

In order to attract someone or something into your life, first comes desire. You must really want something and be persistent with your desire. It cannot be a fleeting thought one day and gone the next. No. It’s a serious want fixed in your mind. You’re emotionally attached to a specific outcome. For example, when you really wanted that new car, or a boyfriend/girlfriend or that holiday…. you got emotionally involved with your desire and your mind-body vibe was locked into what you wanted. You took some action to make it happen and BOOM, you were on holiday or driving that car, etc.

Many people go wrong thinking the law of attraction will work because they think ‘right’. Well you can’t just think. Your desire has to be intense enough so that it changes your emotional connection within and helps you move into new action. You might have to invest money, or ask him/her for a date, or consistently eat better food, etc. It’s your deep desire that leads you towards new actions. Without new action, you’re going to attract the same old same old and this is what most people do. Please understand that new action is unfamiliar to your brain and your brain will try to talk you out of taking the very action you must take in order to improve your life. Be mindful, your mind is a trickster.

The last part of the law of vibration equation is expectation.

If you didn’t expect the holiday or the new job or the gf/bf you would not have created that outcome. It’s like surfing. You don’t grab a board, insert fins, put on wax and stay on the beach… you take action and get in the water. It might be cold, you may be scared. Regardless, you paddle out with the expectation to catch waves. If you don’t expect to catch waves, you probably won’t catch many. If you don’t expect to surf good ones, you won’t. That’s how your mind-body works all of the time. Desire + Action + Expectation. The expectation aids to upregulate your emotional charge (your vibration) and put you in harmony with what you want.

This law of mind is very important to understand as you grow through life. The truth is your mind-body complex is very powerful and you’re either building up or breaking down. By law. And it’s working all the time. 24/7. Science has shown there is a law of mental attraction. Most people work this law the wrong way. They think about and expect things they don’t want. Sure enough, life starts sucking. That’s using the law in reverse. Not a good idea.

Become very mindful about the nature of your mind-body, your state of being; your vibration and your expectations. Both are very powerful.

In a nutshell: The law is sound, just like any law of science or mathematics. All 3 steps are necessary.

  1. Allow yourself to desire what you really want. Get specific and focus on one target. Control your mind and charge your daily VIBE by persistently thinking positively. NB: Negativity also works!
  2. Take action towards making what you want a part of your reality. Wishing, praying, affirming is not enough. You must undertake new uncomfortable actions.
  3. Expect your desire to become a part of your reality. Think about raising your expectations 🙂

I will add: be persistent.

Let the good VIBES roll..

What energy is your mind-body predominantly in?

If you want help raising your vibration and understanding how to improve your results in life, contact me now.

  • 30 Day: Reach New Heights Program Open Now.
  • 6 Month: New Mindset – New Life Program Open Now.

Take action today.

Your Mind – Your Body – Your Life

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Stay Strong & Think Well

This destroys your Brain & Body. Do Not Eat This.

This is really bad for your brain and body.

Let’s understand what goes on behind the scenes when it comes to your ‘food’.

Many health foods marketed as being ‘good for you’ have been hydrogenated.

This process involves food manufacturers selecting cheap liquid vegetable oils and bombarding them with hydrogen gas at very high temperatures and pressures. Hydrogenation trans forms the molecular structure so that it’s now deformed and smelly (Not to mention destructive to the biology of a human being)

Don’t panic though… food manufacturers have got your back… They add chemicals, cleaning agents, artificial colors and flavors so that you will never know! The solid lump of yellow gue can be sold to you as a healthy product. It looks like butter, smells like butter, even spreads like butter. BUT is FAR FROM BEING BUTTER.  

“I don’t eat margarine” you say.


But what do you think goes into all the pastries, cookies and cakes in all the packets along supermarket shelves and in all the kitchens in the land? You think chefs purchase high grade, organic, grass fed butter or buy the cheapest alternative marketed to them that looks like butter? Why do you think manufacturers made it look like butter in the first place?

SERIOUSLY: Trans fats are everywhere and they have been linked with a host of serious diseases, including immune system dysfunction and cancers. 

If you value your brain and your body, do all you can to remove trans fats completely from your life. 

Think twice about what goes into your trolley or what you order at the deli!

Your Mind – Your Body – Your Life

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Your Time On Earth is Short: Make it Count

I lost a friend.

So some LOVE today.

LOVE heals and helps us all.

Deep down you know that LOVE is THE super power. 

Make the most of today. You’ll never know when your time to move on is called.

Embrace your friendships. Nurture loved ones. Find the good as often as possible and treat people with kindness.

Release grudges you may hold, forgive yourself and others if necessary, let bygones be bygones.

LOVE yourself for who you are and LOVE others who play important roles in your world.

Pursue things you desire to do in life and invest in looking after yourself.

Life is short and we are here to learn to LOVE.

Share your superpower today.


Your Mind – Your Body – Your Life

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Insider Secrets To Being Happy In 3 Easy Steps

Do you want to be happy? Or at least be a little happier.

At its core, being healthy means being happy.

Most people miss this point when focusing on their health and well-being. Yet wouldn’t you agree that it’s very challenging to be truly healthy if you’re not happy.

Here are 3 easy steps you can follow to improve your personal happiness.

Let’s be clear, we’re not talking about laughing hysterically or enjoying a good joke, this is about you being content mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually every day.

Getting Happier Step 1: Core Values

What do you stand for? What values do you hold dearly?

Think about it, if you don’t know your values, you’re like a ship with no rudder, aimlessly lost at sea, with no compass set in place to take you where you want to go. If you don’t value fitness, you’re not going to be fit. If you don’t value money, you’re not going to have a good relationship with it. If you value being in nature but rarely do it, you will create internal conflict.

So get super clear on what’s most important to you. Not whats important to your parents, or your kids. Nor to your partner. YOUR true values. List them out.

Step 2: Prioritize Your Values

You don’t want to be left with doubts, worries or frustrations because you’re continually lost at sea with no direction. So now you have a list of your values in place, prioritize them.

WARNING! If you train your brain to prioritize and live by your core values, your life and happiness will improve.

You want to become the priority in your life and get super clear on who you are and what you represent. .

Organize your top 5 – 7 values and start to structure your life around them. 

Step 3: Stop Thinking About Yourself

We’re often are less happy in life when we overly focus on ourselves.  Now while there may be some mental or emotional issues to deal with, they tend to be dealt with more easily when your focus in life is to serve or help other people. (Check your core values)

You’ll soon realize that being ‘happy‘ with who you are and the direction you’re going in life is totally dependent on you.

And that’s a great thing because you’re in control of you. You can upgrade your thinking, your values and your life at any time you choose.

If you want more confidence, strength and money in your life contact me today.

Your Mind – Your Body – Your Life

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Stay Strong & Think Well
Hayden Rhodes

Beating Self Sabotage. Understand This.

Quick reminder… Apples, Bell Peppers & Peppers, Celery ,Cherries, Grapes, Green Leafy Veg – Kale – Lettuce, Nectarines, Peaches, Pears, Spinach, Strawberries, Tomatoes are the dirty dozen! Take care – especially if you’re wanting to improve your mental and emotional well-being. (Aren’t we all?) It’s hard to feel good if your body is full of toxins. Visit the website to catch up on last weeks blog.

This week….The Law of Thinking continues…

There’s a battle going on.

Old wounds.

Negative ideas.

Mental bombs.

And the battleground is within your MIND.

For most people, the battle rages 24/7.

Science proves that you’re consciously aware of only 5% of your thoughts. That 5% encompasses your intellect, your knowledge, your thinking mind. And the battle cannot be won with a mere 5%. 

Unfortunately, the other 95% is littered with mental minefields and sabotage tactics that restore old thought loops and negative paradigms that keep you stuck.

If you want new growth and better outcomes you’re going to have to battle with some old warriors – in the guise of old thoughts locked within the depths of your mind. Some of your habitual ways of thinking and feeling about yourself need to be blasted out.

Transforming your reality requires a willingness to feel a little weird as you adopt new concepts about yourself and explode away non-productive thoughts and behaviours. You can make fantastic changes in your life. Yes you can. But you must overhaul your 95%.

Peace of mind is possible. New results are possible. There is no one to blame, no past circumstance you cannot release, no negative emotion you cannot replace. Your mind is your way out. Keep working on you.

Get unstuck. Improve your health or wealth.

Master Your 95%.

Start today.

Your Mind – Your Body – Your Life

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You Stay Strong & Think Well
Hayden Rhodes