I hope you are VIBRANT!

Tracy emailed me recently and she said, “Thank You for reminding me… to pursue what I love”

Today, I remind you.

Here in Phuket, the beaches are still closed and I feel cut off from my medicine. The ocean acts like a brilliant wellness tonic for my entire well-being. Throw surfing into the mix and the elixir is complete for a healthier mind, body and spirit.

What about you – what is your best medicine? I ask because, what-ever mental, emotional or physical challenge you aim to resolve, it will be easier when you regularly do things that you love to do.

Things that satisfy your soul.

Not what parents, teachers or leaders want. What you want. What speaks directly with your inner guidance system.

I require the ocean or mountains.

What about you?

And for the record… if alcohol, cocaine or chocolate comes to mind… that is not your soul speaking 🙂

When your lifestyle habitually includes doing things that you truly love, you will find a sense of ease creeping into your being.

Ease is great. No ease = dis-ease.

If you are reading this, I know you want more ease in your life. I urge you to pursue what your heart really connects with, and you may find yourself entering into a state of happiness – and being happy is crucial to being healthy.

I challenge you this week, to focus one day (at least) pursuing what you love.

Take action, your heart matters. 

You are worth investing in yourself Coaching Options.

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Stay strong and think well!