I spoke with a friend this week (John) who’s going through some challenges. He’s living in a new country, separated from his family and has a new role in life.

He’s struggling with the changes, so I asked him, “What’s one thing you could do that would help everything?” In an instant, he replied, “Exercise. When I exercise, everything gets better; my mind, my thinking process, my energy, even my eating.” John knows that exercise is powerful medicine.

But it only becomes powerful MEDS when you enjoy your exercise.

Remember, your M.E.D.S…

Mindful – Eating – Dynamic and Spiritual Practices

The D in your M.E.D.S model, is for dynamic movement that you enjoy.

There’s absolutely no point beating yourself up in the gym, on a spin bike or running around the block if your mind is full of pain, discomfort and negativity. Just as pointedly it’s absurd to go to yoga, swim laps or cycle up hills if your mental and emotional state is stressed-out during or after your exercise. When you consider the reality that you’re a spiritual being and that everything affects everything – it might be a wise idea to choose dynamic movements that you know will lift your spirits.

In John’s case he wanted to build his strength and enjoys body weight training. He chose to do a brisk morning walk in the fresh air followed by fifteen push ups and three chin ups. His medicine is purposeful for him. What’s right for you?

Remember life always gets better with your M.E.D.S.

Key word: your. When it comes to your exercise – pursue something you enjoy.

Have a fantastic week and if you want help transforming your reality – contact me now.

You Stay Strong & Think Well
Hayden Rhodes

Hayden Rhodes is a high performance lifestyle coach based in Thailand with clientele worldwide.