A reminder. Living in a healthy mind-body is your greatest wealth on earth.

And your mind-body is impacted every single day by the people you allow into your life and into your mind. You have absolute control over who you listen to and what thoughts you choose to impact your mind-body. 

Part of your challenge in life is to consciously control what thoughts you let inside and what you reject. I’ve found that this practice is the most difficult challenge for us all, yet brings about the most profound transformations in my clients lives.

Here are a few questions to ask yourself so that you may improve your own health of mind and body.

Are the people surrounding you supportive, loving and encouraging?

Do you stay away from people with negative attitudes?

How do you talk to yourself every single day?

Reflect on these questions, really think about your answers, perhaps journal your responses.

Remember, the words you allow to revolve around the inside of your mind impact your outer reality.

Your Mind – Your Body – Your Life!

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You Stay Strong & Think Well
Hayden Rhodes

Hayden Rhodes is a high performance lifestyle coach based in Thailand with clientele worldwide.