Are you strong?

With each passing year most people exercise lighter, move slower and lose power.

Avoid being one of the masses. 

Here’s how.

Five tips that scientists validate for aging gracefully and maintaining your strength and power.

1. Train Slow Be Slow.
Your brain and body constantly monitors and adapts to everything you do. If you put the breaks on physical outputs, inner breakdown speeds up. Always remember this: ‘Train slow. Be slow.’ Keep your brain and body sharp with a weekly game plan inclusive of speed work. Do fast internals in the pool, on a bike or out hiking. Walk up escalators quickly. Walk, jog, run, sprint. You either use it or lose it. Train yourself to stay fast.

2. Stand Up Strong
You live in a physical 3D world in an incredible body designed to withstand and apply forces in a multidimensional manner. Sitting or lying down to lift weights is slowing you down. Not only that, these exercises were developed by people who value ‘mirror muscles’ (aesthetics)  not real life work, sport, play function. Stay strong standing up. Learn to train your brain and your body to be strong on your feet. Inside, outside, it doesn’t matter. Just remember to challenge your entire system from the ground up. Push, pull, twist, lunge, rotate, squat while applying force!

3. Avoid Being Comfortable
Your mind is forever talking to you and some of you will want to ‘take it a little easier’ with each birthday. Rest and recovery are important but if, ‘take it a little easier’ becomes your playbook on strength days you may fortify mental weaknesses. One of the best ways to stay mentally strong is to challenge yourself to stay strong physically. Many people start exercising light; this is a mistake, your entire system will down regulate. Your brain-body system will only continually adapt with neural challenges; continue to get uncomfortable lift heavy!

4. Get Outside
Enjoy taking it a little easier on your rest and recovery days by visiting outdoor environments that lift you soul and make you feel alive. Recovery is a vital part of your natural strength cycle, so don’t over do the ‘staying uncomfortable’ part of the equation.  Ha ha.

5. Deal with The Emotional Stress
The number one stress world-wide is mental and emotional. Deal with what needs to be addressed, otherwise emotional tension will transfer into your body, joints and organs. Get help if you need it and have a great support team who inspire you to do what needs to be done!

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