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I hope you feel magnificent.

Do you sometimes feel as though the universe is ‘testing you?

You aim to achieve something, and it just seems unattainable.

Kinda like sweeping water uphill.

Well, the more I understand the natural process of growth, the more I am OK with these feelings.

I have come to realize that whenever we strive for something better in our lives, we will experience mental challenges. This happens because we are creating a new and improved self image. A self image that can deal with those ‘tests’.

As your self image improves, so do your results in life. So persevere! Hold the vision of the person you want to be steadfastly in your mind and commit to taking actions that move you towards your goal.

Sooner or later you will realize that the ‘tests’ are in fact the universe helping you.

This week I encourage you to face those ‘tests’ head on! Transforming your life is very similar to working out with a personal trainer in the gym – you have to pass certain tests!

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You stay strong and think well.