Did you ever consider that whatever is showing up in your life (the effects) will be in direct proportion to the thoughts (the cause) stemming from your subconscious mind.

If life continually shows up as, ‘I feel lethargic’ or ‘being overweight’ or ‘not enough money’, you can be sure there are causes to focus on that will rectify this situation.

Ralph Waldo Emerson once noted that the, ‘law of cause and effect’ was the “law of laws”. He understood, that nothing in our world is left to chance – everything happens according to law.

Everything that is happening in your life right now has a cause. If you want enhanced physical health, more material wealth or better relationships in your life, best you focus on the cause. The law states that when you focus on the cause – the effect will take care of itself.

When you truly grasp this concept, you begin to comprehend that energy is wasted focusing on the effect.

Redirect your energy and focus on the cause, that will bring about the life results you want.

What thoughts do you need to upgrade to improve your effects? Write them down. Get clear on those new ideas. The cause is often looping around in your own head. That means working on your inner self to cause a more positive effect in your outer world reality.

Imagine if you thought differently about your world, the effects would all change.

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Stay strong and think well!