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The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines the, ‘water of life’ as, ‘something that gives spiritual refreshment or eternal life.’ That’s a big call…

However, for millions of years the watery planet where you reside, has been constantly adapting to provide life in abundance. Your planet is predominantly water and the main constituent of who you are, is also water. It might be a good idea to re-think that, ‘big call.’

H2O dissolves nutrients and delivers them into your cells, it flushes out toxins, moderates temperature and is involved in just about every physiological function within your body. How long can you last without it?

Be warned however, ‘spiritual refreshment’ does not arrive in plastic bottles, transported for days and stored on shelves for weeks on end. That is not the same kind of water that flows from glaciers or underground waterways, full of minerals, designed by mother earth specifically for you to drink.

Indulge with wine, enjoy your beer yet always remember to gift your system with ‘eternal life’ from high quality mineral water!

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