I hope you feel vibrant!

A lot of people have been asking how I dealt with the whole ‘hospital experience’ and my son’s new diagnosis.

I would like to remind you that I practice a system.

I call it M.E.D.S

And that system, when practiced helps you feel whole. And when you feel whole – life is much more manageable.

The breakdown…

M = Mental Well Being

E = Emotional Well Being

D = Dynamic Well Being

S = Spiritual Well Being

Think about who you really are. Truly Think. You are a composite of all these elements fused together.

I’ve found that the following philosophy works brilliantly to help restore health and vitality to the integrated systems of every human being I work with.

M – Meditation in some form

E – Eating right to feel right

D – Dynamic movement

S – Happy heart

Now each of these elements could be studied for decades on their own, and many doctors do specialize in one area. However, I’ve found through trial and error and working alongside great teachers, that all four are required to truly live well.

What area do you need to focus on?

If one area was overhauled to completely upgrade your life – what would it be?

Will you make the necessary changes in your current life practice?

You see, you have to practice. Your world can be transformed when you practice getting the right M.E.D.S. for you.

And that is how I managed to deal with the hospital situation! By the way I will be posting a video today on some of the ‘food’ they dished us up to eat. It’s a doozy! Keep your eyes open and please comment and share. Every little comment helps. Thank you.

One more thing – people have been telling me to write a book on my system. If I did, would you be interested?

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Stay strong and think well!