This week I am writing to you from hospital. No joke.

My sons immune system was strong enough not to succumb to Corona V.

We were however, rushed into ICU as his immune system was attacking itself. We had a long scary day.

That was three days ago.

We are now out of the ICU and have our own room, yet have been impacted by the reality that Elijah (8yrs) is now Type 1 diabetic. We are told, possibly bought about by infection, possibly genetics, the exact cause is unknown. No cure.

Instant massive life change amidst the current massive life change.

It would be easy to be consumed by negative thoughts, worry and fear. It would be easy to feel bad, sad and mad. However, we all have higher faculties of mind and we can use them to alter our perception. We can use them to imagine a better future. We can use them to look for the good in the not so good.

I’ve learned over the years that, ‘nothing is good or bad but thinking makes it so’. I’ve also learned the law or relativity, which means, our current situation is far better than many others around the world. I’ve learned to continue to study how our world operates and the laws that govern our universe.

I continue to do that from hospital. 

Due to the current state of the world, Bob Proctor has given access to his last sold out event, for free. I’m enjoying his Paradigm Shift from hospital and it’s helping me look at my current situation in a new light. I am sharing the link with you here so that you may also benefit, understand yourself more and continue to grow.

Make the most of your time at home and I will do the same from hospital!

Feel free to forward this blogpost to friends and family who may benefit.

PS: Take action. Life is fragile. Use it wisely. I invite you to hit the link:


Remember, creating Health & Wealth Habits can be challenging – yet self investment, always pays big dividends.   

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Stay strong and think well!