I am currently working with a National Sports Team, at the SEA Games in the Philippines, and many athletes fear losing.   

Many of us are afraid of loss and often associate losing, as being ‘bad’.   

I would like to share something with you, to help flick that thought process on its head.

One of my mentors, Paul Chek, recently spoke about this. He said that in life we really don’t have winners and losers. He said, we have winners and learners.

Paul reminds us that ‘loss’ is an important aspect of growth and is extremely valuable. He teaches that we often learn the most at this time.    We learn how to deal with loss, which is a big part of life. We learn how to re-evaluate ourselves, and we gain valuable insights into how we can improve, in life, business or sport.   

I encourage you to move forward in life with a mental approach to win and learn. If you are not winning as much as you want, start learning through ‘losing’.  

When you learn you win.

Lose a lot = learn a lot!  

Growth only comes with new learnings. This week I encourage you to embrace winning and learning!   

Have a brilliant week and let me know how you get on.