In the health and fitness world there is a wise old saying, ‘You cannot out train a bad diet’.  

And while this is true, there is another, more important statement, ‘You cannot outsmart your self image’.  

You see, you can only ever create new long-term life results, when you upgrade your self image. Not many people truly understand this. Yet if you want new results, a new self image, trumps everything.  

The challenge arises when the results you aregetting now (physical, financial, relationships, etc.) reflect and reinforce your current image. That self image, stored in your subconscious mind, constantly pulls you back to your ‘current you’.

It doesn’t matter what you start (new exercise regime, better foods, advanced investment plan, etc.) your current self image pulls you back to, ‘more of the same’. It’s like Facebook or Google directing you towards images, stories and advertisements that they know, you like. Drawing your attention toward the current model of who you are, and reinforcing that image. 

Think about the people you associate with. They treat you in the way, that they expect you to be. Further reinforcing your current self image. This is so important to understand if you truly desire better health, wealth or more happiness in your life, because the only way to upgrade your image is by reprogramming your subconscious mind.  

Einstein said, “Visualization is more important than knowledge.” He said, “Imagination is the language of the soul.” If you want to upgrade your self image, begin with the power of visualization and imagination. Image a new image of who you want to be. Just remember – your subconscious mind will not accept one or two random visualizations, it must be imprinted regularly!  

So this week (and every week) I encourage you to imagine the person you truly want to be and associate your new image with feel-good feelings. Over time, the new self image you hold on the screen of your mind, will appear in reality. Believe in your vision and practice!

Remember, creating Healthy Richuals can be challenging – yet the investment, always pays off in the long run.

Have a brilliant week and let me know how you get on.  

Stay strong and think well!