Everyone knows that human beings operate on three planes of motion. The energetic field, the intellectual mind and the human body. These inter-connected planes have been studied extensively for decades, but what most people in Asia still don’t realize is how to tap into higher energetic fields to improve success in life.

We have been conditioned (particularly in the West) to stay brain busy at what is known as the beta brain wave frequency. We often think this is the best place to perform from, to get better results.

However traditional cultures (Yes; Thailand & Asia) and modern brain scientists both understand that human beings are capable of reaching different states that can positively influence our results in life.

The alpha brain wave frequency is where brain waves are slowed and we go inside to an inner consciousness. Theta brain wave frequency is deeper, followed by Delta, which some cultures believe is where we can tap into higher intelligence. Delta is an unconscious, deep sleep state BTW.

Let’s stick to alpha brain wave frequencies. All top athletes tap into this state for better performance. Many top fortune 100 companies teach their executives to venture into this state. And the world’s best human potential leaders all teach, ‘Tapping into Alpha’ so that you get better results in life, business and health.

The reason the Alpha state is so powerful is because we allow ourselves to fully relax and tap into another realm of being. The alpha level is meditative in nature and leads to more creativity, better moods, and enhanced intuition. These lead to improved performance in all areas of life.

If you think, you can ‘think better’ to get improved performance you may be locked into a beta brain frequency – the conditioned mind. It might be time to use your higher faculties and venture into another state, so that you can perform at a higher level and create the life you want.

This week – find your Alpha!

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Hayden Rhodes is a high performance trainer and life coach, based in Thailand with clientele worldwide.