I trust and hope you are vibrant.

2020 is quickly running to an end and the world remains on standby. Wouldn’t it be great if more governments worldwide and here in Thailand and Asia stepped up their efforts to educate their people about real health and prevention of dis-ease.

Lock down may help this current situation, yet it does little to inspire or re-educate people how to truly be healthy. Did you know that everyday, year in, year out, millions of people in Thailand and Asia are impacted by chronic diseases that can be prevented? This is the real new norm.

I believe that it is time we seriously question why little to no resources are spent on educating people throughout the Asia Pacific Region and beyond on the fundamentals required for optimal well being.

I know you are reading this because deep inside of you know you can be well. You realize ‘the norm’ is life with dis-ease and you want to be at-ease. You also know that your lifestyle choices have a tremendous influence on your life and your well-being.

I remind you to continue working on your mindset.

I recommend you interact and work with people you love.

I encourage you to put your feet on the earth, or in the sand and move every day in mother nature.

I want you to stay strong, be active and fuel your body with delicious and nourishing foods.

I implore you to listen to your heart, to explore your meaning of existence and to certainly avoid, ‘following the norm’. For the current norms lead directly towards a life with dis-ease.

Finish 2020 strong.

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Hayden Rhodes is a high performance trainer and life coach, based in Thailand with clientele worldwide.