Just about everyone in Thailand or Asia I speak with, wants to drop some body fat this year.   So…  

Here are five foundations to keep your personal training on your toes and help maintain your new year resolution.  (BTW It’s only January 15th! If your resolutions are long gone… contact me 🙂  

1) Our earth has a brilliant, almost magical, biological system that creates unbelievably excellent food. Food that is perfect for your DNA. It starts with ‘clean soil’. In other words, dirt that has not been contaminated by fertilizers, pesticides or herbicides. Dirty organic soil, allows healthy plants and animals to naturally grow. Go out of your way to consume real foods, from those farms.  

2) Dropping body fat, is very difficult and dangerous in a dehydrated body. Consume ample clean water on a daily basis.  

3) If your protein is derived from commercial sources please re-read point one. If your protein is from healthy organic farms, you can probably eat a little less, we are not in a protein shortage! BTW… Excess protein is easily converted into body fat by, ‘yours truly’.  

4) Your biology is unique, like your face or your fingerprints. You want to eat according to your metabolic requirements, not the local trainers, some instagram influencer or what your mum says. (Disclaimer.. if, ‘your metabolic needs’ are fast foods… you’re missing the point here..)  

5) Your liver wants to help you. However, if it is back logged with toxins from personal care products, coffee and alcohol (just to name a few) it might just signal your body to create body fat to help deal with all the mess inside… you get the picture… no point eating clean when your constantly slapping on toxic cream! Remember, creating Healthy Richuals can be challenging – yet they always pay off in the long run. If you want help with your resolutions this year now is the time to act. I’ve got only six spots left for the first 6 months of 2020. Are you serious about up grading your life this year? Have a brilliant week and let me know how you get on.

Stay strong and think well!  

Hayden Rhodes is a high performance trainer and life coach, based in Thailand with clientele worldwide.