If you want to get unstuck in life, there are two things you want to know about.

1. Your paradigm.
2. Your confirmation bias.  Your paradigm is a multitude of beliefs (other people’s beliefs) programmed into your mind. And that program controls your habits.

If you want better results in any area of your life, you have to override your paradigm.

Now… to throw a spanner in the works; you also have a confirmation bias.

Your brain is constantly seeking information, people and statistics, etc. that validate your current values and beliefs. Your brain also deletes or misinterprets information to support what you want to believe.

If person A believes, ‘Yoga is the best form of exercise’… they will find reports, statistics and people to back that belief. They will not want to look at the other side of the coin. Even if presented with information such as, ‘walking is the best form of exercise’… they’ll ignore or misinterpret the data and science to validate their belief.

This is why it’s challenging for you to transform your life by yourself. At a subconscious level you are caught up in your own paradigm and you’re consistently validating existing values and beliefs.

No wonder you keep spinning your wheels, repeating the same actions, getting the same results.

If you want to improve your body or your business you must work on changing your paradigm.

There is no other way.

If you’re ready to reach new heights and change your paradigm, take action now.

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Hayden Rhodes is a high performance lifestyle coach, based in Thailand with clientele worldwide.