How strong you are… matters.

A lot.

And what really matters… is your muscles

You either USE them or LOSE them.

It’s a fact that age related muscle loss frequently occurs with each passing year.

And due to the current situation world wide many people are not able to maintain their strength – which is vital if you desire health.


Non the less, it’s important you realize that your muscular skeletal system needs to be regularly used and challenged; in particular your strength and speed of movement. Remember, each time you move you’re re-training your central nervous system. If you never move with any vitality, always walk slowly or never take the stairs… how can you expect to be healthy and strong? 

The good news is that you can maintain muscle strength and even re-build muscle tissue. BUT you have to challenge the strength of your muscles regularly. Strength is key here. You must work on staying strong.

Thirty push ups is not strength. 3-7 heavy dumbbell presses is. Lifting a bar from floor to over head 50X is not strength, lifting a heavy bar a couple of times is. Pushing a light wheel-barrow all day long is not strength, loading it up heavy so you can lift and push it only a few meters, is. You get the picture?

I encourage you to maintain your strength and persist with doing what needs to be done – lift heavy stuff regularly and move with a bit of pace when you can!

Exercise in your modern world is very important if you want to live well.

You either use it or lose it. 

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You Stay Strong & Think Well
Hayden Rhodes

Hayden Rhodes is a high performance lifestyle coach based in Thailand with clientele worldwide.