You instinctively know that to breathe is to live right? 

Think about it. You breathe constantly, 24/7 – day and night. Your autonomic nervous system ensures that your heart, lungs and diaphragm are synchronized so that you consistently pump oxygen around your body. Yet imagine if that system, which is foundational to living well, is improved. Think of the implications; deeper sleep, better mental well-being, improved blood pressure, immune function, energy and detoxification. (Just to name a few)

Your entire life would improve dramatically.


There’s always a but…

It takes conscious awareness to teach automatic systems in your body to adapt, change and improve. You have to practice. Discipline is required to exercise your breath. If you are doing this all ready – fantastic, if you’re not – now is a good time to start. Choose a specific time each day and focus on improving your breathing mechanics. (Not to be confused with exercising and breathing heavily!) 

 Try the following. (First thing in the morning is recommended)

1) Find a seated or standing position where you feel relaxed and can remain calm.

2) Inhale through your nose for a count of five seconds and exhale smoothly for as long as you can, gently pulling your navel towards your spine as you do so.

3) Inhale for a count of six seconds and exhale as above.

4) Inhale for a count of seven seconds and exhale as above.

5) Continue to add another second with each breath until you reach twelve seconds.

6) Shake the body about, release any tension, and then repeat this process, beginning again with a five second inhale.

Notice the expansion happening inside your body and become aware of the power you have to influence your mind and body.

BREATHING is brilliant medicine, funneling life into the cells of your body.

This week – take a few minutes every day and work on improving your life force – through the power of your breath.

You either will or you won’t!

Breathe Deep!

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You Stay Strong & Think Well
Hayden Rhodes

Hayden Rhodes is a high performance lifestyle coach based in Thailand with clientele worldwide.