When you think about exercise…

Stretching doesn’t jump to the forefront of your mind does it?

Yet stretching is a very important component of your physical well-being and fitness. Especially true if specific joints or muscles are restricted in your body. What areas come to mind?

Tight, stiff muscles often lead to excessive joint wear and tear and for many – an energy drop. This happens as excessive muscular-skeletal tension can restrict blood flow AND pull one’s skeleton out of alignment. (Poor posture robs you of energy)

Whether you’re a weekend warrior, a pro athlete or just, ‘move around a bit cause you know it’s good for you’… you don’t want to become injured. And poor ranges of motion often lead to pain, inflammation and injuries.

Flexibility is a strength! With every passing year both your muscles and joints tend to stiffen up… (not to mention the fact you lose muscle mass as you age) An active lifestyle that includes YOU STRETCHING is a good investment.

This does not mean going overboard and becoming hypermobile. Overly flexible joints destabilize your body and limit your strength. YOU know what area’s in your body require attention. Stretch them out regularly!

For those of you that want to stretch your confidence and create a new you, remember that all results you’re getting in life right now, stem from the concept you have of yourself. This self concept can be updated just like installing new software into a computer. I am teaching a course throughout December so that you will learn;

WHAT really controls your results in life

WHY the only way to make real change in life is by upgrading your self image

HOW to do it.

This information is a game changer.

Build Your Confidence– Creating A New You

December 1st / 8th / 15th / 22nd
19:00 – 20:00 (Bangkok Time)

If you live in another time zone and would like a different class time please contact me.

Build your Confidence – Creating A New You – First 10 persons only. Contact me if you would like to enroll or to discuss this further.

This week I encourage you to S- T-  R-   E-    T-     C-      H

Your Body – Your Life!

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You Stay Strong & Think Well
Hayden Rhodes

Hayden Rhodes is a high performance lifestyle coach based in Thailand with clientele worldwide.