Most of us want to be a little stronger, drop some body fat and simultaneously lift our energy and moods… And you can! This post is devoted to helping you become healthier, wealthier and happier.  Yet there are principles you must understand and practice if you want to see and feel better results in your life.

In the realm of health, simple principles often get overlooked and people wonder why their efforts to improve mental, emotional or physical health are challenging or in vain.This week’s knowledge is to remind you of a simple secret that enhances your long-term mental function and physical performance, no matter what your profession. This secret will also help with sustaining happiness in your life.

This secret is simple to understand yet frequently difficult for people to adhere to – even though the benefits far outway the effort. Through regular practice you can raise your anabolic pathways, restore your physiological make up, improve your organ function, your muscles and your connective tissue. This same practice is absolutely essential for optimal brain health, beating depression, improving confidence and psychological well-being. (So important in our world right now) And you will naturally raise your energy and vibration, just like when you recharge your phone.

If you’ve not guessed what the secret is… Think about the one activity that’s absolutely essential for you to function at your best day in, day out, year in, year out. It’s completely free and pays high yields. And because it’s free, it’s often undervalued. And things that are undervalued in our society are typically ignored or discarded.


All the benefits mentioned above are massively impacted, MASSIVELY – by the quality of what I call your Z PRACTICE. This simply means investing in quality Zzz’s and getting to bed earlier. Life rejuvenation is so mis-understood and undervalued, that most are going in the wrong direction yet hope to be vital and well. You cannot ‘hope’ to be well. You have to wake up and realize the power of participating whole heartedly in a quality Z PRACTICE. 

It’s very challenging to be healthy and happy if your mind and body lack energy because they’ve not been given the right time to systematically restore themselves as part of your lifestyle. Quality sleep is the best medicine you can invest in. An investment with phenomenal returns. But only if you practice in the right way! And it is a practice. Just like a yoga practice, exercise practice or a law practice; you have to practice.

Here are three points to ensure your Z PRACTICE will pay off.

1)  Your entire physiological and psychological, mind-body-soul system is organic in matter, connected to a greater whole – this planet – this galaxy – this universe. You’re intimately connected with the daily rhythms of the sun, moon and tides, known as circadian rhythms. This flow of life can be disrupted when you think you can outsmart mother nature and do what-ever you want while ignoring the very elements that keep you alive. You’re designed to wake with the sun and recover and sleep when the sun goes down. Period. Aim to sync with the natural rhythms going on around you 24/7. Rise early. Sleep early. 

2)  Artificial lights,  flickering screens,  mobile phones, facetime chats, TV’s, scrolling, Netflix, taking photos, movies, uploading videos, more scrolling… I could go on and on… these behaviours performed close to Zzz’s time often lead to catabolic activity in your body (This is NOT what you want). Your entire system gets wired on wake-up hormones, disabling psychological and physiological restoration. As a good rule of thumb aim to get off all electrical devices as early as possible in the evening.

3) Start thinking about sleep as your sacred practice. Do everything in your power to value restoration of your being. Focus on wanting to feel amazing every morning when you wake; this begins with more quiet dark time the night before. When your Z PRACTICE becomes an actual practice you will avoid evening snacking or over doing alcohol as you realize it disturbs your sacred rejuvenation practice. It’s win, win, win.

N.B. There is very little point exercising or fasting as part of your wellness program if your entire being is not honored and given quality time to heal itself on a day to day basis. Your Z PRACTICE wants to become a lifestyle priority… Let your head hit the pillow as early as possible and as often as possible. Make it a practice.

Your daily Z PRACTICE… it will pay off. 

Your Mind – Your Body – Your Life!

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You Stay Strong & Think Well
Hayden Rhodes

Hayden Rhodes is a high performance lifestyle coach based in Thailand with clientele worldwide.