‘Health Is Your Greatest Wealth’ has been preached and practiced for centuries. And one of the main principles to robust health is getting quality fresh food directly from the land.

Health still is your greatest wealth, but this crucial principle is frequently over looked.

With a few small changes you can ensure that your food comes directly from the farm… And in doing so, your personal well-being and the health of our planet will greatly improve. It’s important to understand that most food distribution networks waste many natural resources then serve you food that is a LONG WAY from the farm. 

Farm – Transport – Packaging – Distribution – Store – Plastic Wrap – Your Plate

It’s even worse if you get food delivered to your door…

Farm – Transport – Packaging – Distribution – Store – Plastic Wrap – Delivery – Your Plate

And worse still if international items have to be shipped…

Farm – Transport – Packaging – Shipping – Distribution – Store – Plastic Wrap – Delivery – Plate

That’s a lot of petrol, oil, plastic and pollution when a much better option exists.

Farm – Your Plate

And while we’re on the topic, fresh local grown foods will serve you best, so why not think of…

Your Garden – Your Plate.

If you have land, use it wisely!

Now, I get it, you want good quality international items once in awhile or a decent bottle of wine (which is one industry that seems proud to avoid plastic). What I’m discussing here, are the staples you buy every week… typically from supermarkets.

Speaking of ‘super’ markets.

Be aware…

1) Most ‘food products’ are artificial non-foods cleverly marketed to look like food. So really, they are super marketers not super markets. The real super markets and your local markets, where you can get food directly from the farmers… and onto your plate. This supports your local community, ensures you’re eating the right foods (seasonal) and helps decrease the toxic burden on our planet. I highly recommend you support local organic farmers / growers where ever possible.

2) The real food is often shipped in from far away destinations and full of chemicals. Just because it’s in store does not mean it’s good for you. Your not supposed to be eating blue berries all year long… or eating summer fruits during winter. That’s not normal.  Think twice about buying international items when local products are just as good. You don’t need honey from Europe when wild Chiangmai honey is down the road. And definitely stop purchasing bananas, coconuts or single carrots wrapped in plastic! You’re the consumer, your spending habits can help sway the current food distribution system to shape up!

In brief – aim to shorten the distance from the farm to your belly – that’s the best fast food you can get – and you’ll be helping yourself and your planet.

Your Mind – Your Body – Your Life!

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You Stay Strong & Think Well
Hayden Rhodes

Hayden Rhodes is a high performance lifestyle coach based in Thailand with clientele worldwide.