This is really bad for your brain and body.

Let’s understand what goes on behind the scenes when it comes to your ‘food’.

Many health foods marketed as being ‘good for you’ have been hydrogenated.

This process involves food manufacturers selecting cheap liquid vegetable oils and bombarding them with hydrogen gas at very high temperatures and pressures. Hydrogenation trans forms the molecular structure so that it’s now deformed and smelly (Not to mention destructive to the biology of a human being)

Don’t panic though… food manufacturers have got your back… They add chemicals, cleaning agents, artificial colors and flavors so that you will never know! The solid lump of yellow gue can be sold to you as a healthy product. It looks like butter, smells like butter, even spreads like butter. BUT is FAR FROM BEING BUTTER.  

“I don’t eat margarine” you say.


But what do you think goes into all the pastries, cookies and cakes in all the packets along supermarket shelves and in all the kitchens in the land? You think chefs purchase high grade, organic, grass fed butter or buy the cheapest alternative marketed to them that looks like butter? Why do you think manufacturers made it look like butter in the first place?

SERIOUSLY: Trans fats are everywhere and they have been linked with a host of serious diseases, including immune system dysfunction and cancers. 

If you value your brain and your body, do all you can to remove trans fats completely from your life. 

Think twice about what goes into your trolley or what you order at the deli!

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