Your world is governed by universal laws.

One of those laws became famous from,`The Secret’

In that movie, the law of attraction was highlighted and Bob Proctor pointed out that the real secret is actually the law of vibration.

He taught that everything exists in a state of vibration, including your mind-body. He said you live in an ocean of motion governed by many universal principles. He taught that if you want better outcomes in your life you must understand many laws and one that’s very powerful and often misunderstood is the law of vibration.

So let’s take a closer look.

In order to attract someone or something into your life, first comes desire. You must really want something and be persistent with your desire. It cannot be a fleeting thought one day and gone the next. No. It’s a serious want fixed in your mind. You’re emotionally attached to a specific outcome. For example, when you really wanted that new car, or a boyfriend/girlfriend or that holiday…. you got emotionally involved with your desire and your mind-body vibe was locked into what you wanted. You took some action to make it happen and BOOM, you were on holiday or driving that car, etc.

Many people go wrong thinking the law of attraction will work because they think ‘right’. Well you can’t just think. Your desire has to be intense enough so that it changes your emotional connection within and helps you move into new action. You might have to invest money, or ask him/her for a date, or consistently eat better food, etc. It’s your deep desire that leads you towards new actions. Without new action, you’re going to attract the same old same old and this is what most people do. Please understand that new action is unfamiliar to your brain and your brain will try to talk you out of taking the very action you must take in order to improve your life. Be mindful, your mind is a trickster.

The last part of the law of vibration equation is expectation.

If you didn’t expect the holiday or the new job or the gf/bf you would not have created that outcome. It’s like surfing. You don’t grab a board, insert fins, put on wax and stay on the beach… you take action and get in the water. It might be cold, you may be scared. Regardless, you paddle out with the expectation to catch waves. If you don’t expect to catch waves, you probably won’t catch many. If you don’t expect to surf good ones, you won’t. That’s how your mind-body works all of the time. Desire + Action + Expectation. The expectation aids to upregulate your emotional charge (your vibration) and put you in harmony with what you want.

This law of mind is very important to understand as you grow through life. The truth is your mind-body complex is very powerful and you’re either building up or breaking down. By law. And it’s working all the time. 24/7. Science has shown there is a law of mental attraction. Most people work this law the wrong way. They think about and expect things they don’t want. Sure enough, life starts sucking. That’s using the law in reverse. Not a good idea.

Become very mindful about the nature of your mind-body, your state of being; your vibration and your expectations. Both are very powerful.

In a nutshell: The law is sound, just like any law of science or mathematics. All 3 steps are necessary.

  1. Allow yourself to desire what you really want. Get specific and focus on one target. Control your mind and charge your daily VIBE by persistently thinking positively. NB: Negativity also works!
  2. Take action towards making what you want a part of your reality. Wishing, praying, affirming is not enough. You must undertake new uncomfortable actions.
  3. Expect your desire to become a part of your reality. Think about raising your expectations 🙂

I will add: be persistent.

Let the good VIBES roll..

What energy is your mind-body predominantly in?

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