May you be heartful! 

Did you know that the ancient Greeks referred to the subconscious mind as the heart?

They meant the real heart of who you are lies deep within your mind.

They understood that the subconscious could be conditioned to believe anything that was consistently impressed upon it. They also knew that whatever was held within the subconscious mind would become expressed in life.

This is a truly powerful idea. One worth studying.

You can impress whatever you want onto your heart / subconscious mind – whatever you want! And because your subconscious is subjective, it has no ability to reject any thought. Those thought forms then begin to move into physical form.


Negative thoughts, negative results. The opposite is also true.

Incredible. Your mind.

Use it well. 

Stay Strong & Think Well.

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Stay strong and think well.

Hayden Rhodes is a high performance trainer and life coach, based in Thailand with clientele worldwide.