I hope you feel vibrant and welcome to 2020!  

Your new year is here. What do you want to happen this year? How do you shift from repeating conditioned behaviors that you do not want and improve your mind, body and spirit this 2020?

From my perspective and understanding – it begins with your self image. The picture you have of yourself, deep within your mind.  

This picture, keeps you performing habitual behaviors that reinforce your self image. Your self image is an automated subconscious program, that wants you to remain as you are. You may want to earn more income, yet your self image pulls you back to what is, ‘normal’.

You may want to drop body fat, but your self image is determined you stay at your current weight. And every time you aim to create a new image, (start a new exercise regime, eat better, earn more money, etc.) it typically lasts a little while and then boom…. the old image kicks in and that new behavior is thrown out the window. All done subconsciously… and we are often left wondering… what happened?  

Amazing huh? You see, it’s very difficult to upgrade anything in your life, without reprogramming your self image.

So this year, beginning now, use the power of your imagination to create a new self image in your mind. Hold the vision – even when life gets challenging. (Yes… it will get challenging… that’s the process of upgrading your life)   

If you want help this year, contact me. I’m looking for 20 individuals who are serious about dropping 20kg in 2020. If you want in, act now.
    Remember, creating Healthy Rituals can be challenging – yet they always pay off in the long run.   

Have a brilliant week and let me know how you get on.

Hayden Rhodes is a high performance trainer and life coach, based in Thailand with clientele worldwide.