May you enjoy regular time outs!

One of my mentors recently reminded me that mental challenges continue to be the dominant stress in most peoples lives.

He also reminded me that our information overloaded society, constantly bombards their brains with millions of data-bytes of information every single day (and often nights too…)

This lifestyle forces the brain to constantly process information.

My mentor Paul CHEK said, ‘that an active brain consumes up to 80% of available blood sugar at any given moment!’ This means most of your energy is taken from the rest of your body because your brain is forced to run flat out for extensive periods of time.

Ever had a busy day in front of the work screens, the phone or i-pad ‘getting things done’ (probably sitting under artificial lights) and arrived home to feel completely wiped out?

Well, that’s probably because you are draining your energy reserves while frying your brain.

Not a good idea to play that game for too long. (Just saying….) Your brain deserves regular TIME OUTS so you can enjoy your life.

I encourage and recommend nature, sunset walks and gettingaway from technology as often as you can.

And the funny thing is… when you follow this advice you will not only be more productive you will enjoy your days more.

Respect your brain, enjoy TIME OUTS and have a fantastic week.

Stay Strong & Think Well

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Hayden Rhodes is a high performance lifestyle coach, based in Thailand with clientele worldwide