May you enjoy abundance!

You can.

And it starts with getting very clear on what you REALLY want?

If you listened to your head and your heart, what would you like to achieve?

Here are three keys, so that you reach those wants faster.

1) What ever you want – you got to really WANT it. Like fire looking for fuel to keep itself burning and alive.

If you kind-of-want to be in shape, you will kind-of-be in shape.
If you kinda-want a new home, it might happen, it might not.

What ever you want, you got to REALLY want it.


Like fire.

2) You must believe you can do it. Goethe, the famous German philosopher said, “Before you can do something, you must first be something.” The law of nature, of which we are all apart, goes like this; BE – DO – HAVE.

First you have to be the human being you wish to be.

In order to be that person, you have to believe it is 100% possible.

If you kind-of believe, you wont be that person.
You have to BELIEVE in yourself.

Burn bright.

3) In order to build your belief, affirm what it is that you really want. Words, self suggestions and visualizations is how you build your self-belief.

Affirm what it is you truly desire; “I am building a beautiful body”. “I am worthy of financial abundance”. “I am the world champion”. “I am earning $$$$$ per month”.”I am in a happy, healthy, loving relationship”.

If your intention is strong and your wants are real, affirmation builds both the fire and your self-belief, so that you do go after what you really want in life.

Fuel your fire.

Affirm – Believe – Achieve. 

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Have a fantastic week.
You Stay Strong & Think Well

Hayden Rhodes is a high performance lifestyle coach, based in Thailand with clientele worldwide