Your Mindful Secret

I hope you’re improving day by day.

Last week I mentioned the value of exercise in your life. 

Today; let’s refocus your MIND. Remember, your mind runs the show.


1) Scientists tell us – your thought energy is extremely powerful.

2) Philosophers inform us – your beliefs impact your physical reality.

3) Sages teach us – what you predominantly think about – comes about.

4) And…. theologians agree with scientists – that we become what we think about.

Your MIND is an incredibly powerful tool.

What do you mostly think about?

Do you think that’s impacting your reality?

Of course it is.

How do you change your thinking and therefore your reality?

Mindful practice – train your brain. 

Mindful practice helps you break the cycle of old thoughts looping in your mind. With practice you redirect your thought patterns and perspectives to ultimately move away from looping problems and direct your focus onto what you want.That’s how you reprogram yourself to create a better reality. You do not have to sit in a cave and meditate, you do not have to turn into a yogi, all you have to do is seriously think about your thinking. Regularly. In a quiet place. Ideally with someone to help you.

I encourage you to find the time to work on your mind. The pay-off is huge

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You Stay Strong & Think Well
Hayden Rhodes

Hayden Rhodes is a high performance lifestyle coach based in Thailand with clientele worldwide.

How to Achieve What You Really Want This Year

May you enjoy abundance!

You can.

And it starts with getting very clear on what you REALLY want?

If you listened to your head and your heart, what would you like to achieve?

Here are three keys, so that you reach those wants faster.

1) What ever you want – you got to really WANT it. Like fire looking for fuel to keep itself burning and alive.

If you kind-of-want to be in shape, you will kind-of-be in shape.
If you kinda-want a new home, it might happen, it might not.

What ever you want, you got to REALLY want it.


Like fire.

2) You must believe you can do it. Goethe, the famous German philosopher said, “Before you can do something, you must first be something.” The law of nature, of which we are all apart, goes like this; BE – DO – HAVE.

First you have to be the human being you wish to be.

In order to be that person, you have to believe it is 100% possible.

If you kind-of believe, you wont be that person.
You have to BELIEVE in yourself.

Burn bright.

3) In order to build your belief, affirm what it is that you really want. Words, self suggestions and visualizations is how you build your self-belief.

Affirm what it is you truly desire; “I am building a beautiful body”. “I am worthy of financial abundance”. “I am the world champion”. “I am earning $$$$$ per month”.”I am in a happy, healthy, loving relationship”.

If your intention is strong and your wants are real, affirmation builds both the fire and your self-belief, so that you do go after what you really want in life.

Fuel your fire.

Affirm – Believe – Achieve. 

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Have a fantastic week.
You Stay Strong & Think Well

Hayden Rhodes is a high performance lifestyle coach, based in Thailand with clientele worldwide

Master This And Improve Your Life

Wanna better looking bod? 

While cruising around Phuket I’ve been pondering the following… 

Mind – Body – Spirit
No thing  – Idea – A thing
Energy – Action – Manifestation
No form – Thought Form – Physical Form
Creative – Creature – Creation

Faith – Ease – Reality
Life – Death – Growth

While the body is important, it’s the creative aspects of your being that run that show. 

And I believe that you’re here, ‘to run your own show’.
And when you do that – you can have the body you want.

You’re here to grow, understand yourself, your family and your business.

You’re an incredible human beingandeverything you desire to accomplish begins with mastering your mind.

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You Stay Strong & Think Well

Hayden Rhodes is a high performance lifestyle coach, based in Thailand with clientele worldwide.

Your Immune System – Build it Up with Breath

Is oxygen important to you?

I hope so…

Cause right now you want a strong immune system right?

And that system – your entire life system – is sustained with oxygen.

Breathing O2 (as often as possible) will lift your energy, immunity and strength. Hands down.

Now, in today’s world, you are going to need to find a space that provides clean oxygen (in abundance) and take off any mask, so you can directly connect and breathe in life. City dwellers will want to head to parks, river sides and playing fields. Trust me; if you’re not connecting with nature regularly (i.e. in nature) your entire system cannot thrive as it was designed.

Now while you’re at it, aim to expose your body to the sun’s rays – without frying yourself in the heat of the day. Sunsets and sunrises are powerful. Embrace them.

While we’re on the subject, when you’re out connecting with nature and oxygen, dump your phone. Your little device conveniently disconnects you from connecting. The point of getting outside in the first place! Your phone is pulling you away from being grounded, from your breath and from the natural beauty around you.

You don’t need to take another photo and you can go live later. C’mon!

Being ‘connected’ 24/7 is real world disconnection. This means you may have forgotten how to truly connect with yourself and your natural world. Yesterday I was strolling around a beautiful lake and approximately 85% of everyone I passed was addicted to their device. NB: Listening to a good podcast or some quality tunes is one thing… constant scrolling, taking selfies, checking messages … is another. If you ‘can’t’ exercise, walk or be in nature without your phone…

Get a grip!

Like I said, go phoneless. (At least once a week for starters).

You’re a human being, if you want stronger immunity you must actively pursue the foundations of healthy living.Would love to hear your comments.

Have a fantastic week and if you’re ready to reach new heights in your life game, contact me now – so I can help you, help yourself.

You Stay Strong & Think Well

Hayden Rhodes is a high performance lifestyle coach based in Thailand with clientele worldwide.