I know you want good moods to support your lifestyle.

One great move to boost your mind, energy and life – is to eat foods that serve you.

Can you focus on eating foods that lift you up?

Good question.

What foods?

Well… look at the following list and contemplate how often you enjoy them?

  • Coffee
  • Sugar (in many disguises)
  • White Flour

Most of us tend to over enjoy these foods, which often backfires and leaves us with sour moods and / or low energy. Notice I said, ‘over enjoy’ – that simply means, too much of a good thing. Remember a diet is not about elimination – it encompasses embracing foods you enjoy. However, a diet that serves you, may mean modulating how much of a ‘good thing’ is a good thing.

Note: These foods are just examples, you might over enjoy alcohol, crisps and chocolate. The idea here is for you to think about foods you are drawn to, yet know they are not serving your long-term mental, emotional or physical wellbeing.

What would happen if your eating habits improved?

Everything would change.

This week – enjoy eating without over enjoying foods that do not serve you!

Want help?

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You Stay Strong & Think Well
Hayden Rhodes

Hayden Rhodes is a high performance lifestyle coach based in Thailand with clientele worldwide.