Quick reminder… Apples, Bell Peppers & Peppers, Celery ,Cherries, Grapes, Green Leafy Veg – Kale – Lettuce, Nectarines, Peaches, Pears, Spinach, Strawberries, Tomatoes are the dirty dozen! Take care – especially if you’re wanting to improve your mental and emotional well-being. (Aren’t we all?) It’s hard to feel good if your body is full of toxins. Visit the website to catch up on last weeks blog.

This week….The Law of Thinking continues…

There’s a battle going on.

Old wounds.

Negative ideas.

Mental bombs.

And the battleground is within your MIND.

For most people, the battle rages 24/7.

Science proves that you’re consciously aware of only 5% of your thoughts. That 5% encompasses your intellect, your knowledge, your thinking mind. And the battle cannot be won with a mere 5%. 

Unfortunately, the other 95% is littered with mental minefields and sabotage tactics that restore old thought loops and negative paradigms that keep you stuck.

If you want new growth and better outcomes you’re going to have to battle with some old warriors – in the guise of old thoughts locked within the depths of your mind. Some of your habitual ways of thinking and feeling about yourself need to be blasted out.

Transforming your reality requires a willingness to feel a little weird as you adopt new concepts about yourself and explode away non-productive thoughts and behaviours. You can make fantastic changes in your life. Yes you can. But you must overhaul your 95%.

Peace of mind is possible. New results are possible. There is no one to blame, no past circumstance you cannot release, no negative emotion you cannot replace. Your mind is your way out. Keep working on you.

Get unstuck. Improve your health or wealth.

Master Your 95%.

Start today.

Your Mind – Your Body – Your Life

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You Stay Strong & Think Well
Hayden Rhodes