I hope you’re improving day by day.

Last week I mentioned the value of exercise in your life. 

Today; let’s refocus your MIND. Remember, your mind runs the show.


1) Scientists tell us – your thought energy is extremely powerful.

2) Philosophers inform us – your beliefs impact your physical reality.

3) Sages teach us – what you predominantly think about – comes about.

4) And…. theologians agree with scientists – that we become what we think about.

Your MIND is an incredibly powerful tool.

What do you mostly think about?

Do you think that’s impacting your reality?

Of course it is.

How do you change your thinking and therefore your reality?

Mindful practice – train your brain. 

Mindful practice helps you break the cycle of old thoughts looping in your mind. With practice you redirect your thought patterns and perspectives to ultimately move away from looping problems and direct your focus onto what you want.That’s how you reprogram yourself to create a better reality. You do not have to sit in a cave and meditate, you do not have to turn into a yogi, all you have to do is seriously think about your thinking. Regularly. In a quiet place. Ideally with someone to help you.

I encourage you to find the time to work on your mind. The pay-off is huge

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You Stay Strong & Think Well
Hayden Rhodes

Hayden Rhodes is a high performance lifestyle coach based in Thailand with clientele worldwide.